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Omnichannel distribution

Thanks to our marketing strategy that integrates all sales channels, you can delegate all or some of the distribution of insurance offers to us.

You can delegate all or some of the distribution of insurance solutions to us so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Increase loyalty and retention rates

Beyond policy and claims management, SPB helps you increase loyalty and retention rates through omnichannel distribution. Omnichannel is a product distribution and sales strategy that uses different channels, both digital and real, in a fully interconnected way, to offer the customer a seamless, unified and global experience.


We can design and manage an omnichannel distribution path for insurance products and associated services (assistance, repairs, etc.) through various channels (physical, digital, phone, etc.) in order to generate additional sales and cross-selling (via the online customer space, when settling a claim, etc.) and to carry out follow-up campaigns by email, SMS and phone. We support you during retention operations to preserve the portfolio of policyholders.

Generate additional sales and cross-selling


Scripting, automating and measuring marketing actions

Our teams design omnichannel campaigns based on marketing automation solutions that allow us to script, automate and measure the impact of marketing actions using performance monitoring tables. We have inbound and outbound call centres staffed by agents.