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Make it easier to buy your products by offering suitable insurance

Do you manufacture or sell electric bikes or scooters? Do you sell used vehicles? We take care of everything!

Your products

Your products

Bikes (classic and electric)
New or used vehicles (long, commercial, HGVs, agricultural, etc.)
Electric scooters, self-balancing unicycles, hoverboards, self-balancing human transporters, etc.

Our coverage

Criminal defence
Mechanical failure
Accidental breakage
Civil liability
Driver protection

“Do you want to generate additional sales and earn extra income?
Not only do we develop traditional insurance offers that can be easily integrated into your purchasing process, but we also provide you with offers that meet your legal obligations and your duty to advise.”

Key Account Manager

Our expertise

Embedded insurance


Innovative technologies


Customer experience


Regulatory compliance


Omnichannel distribution


Why did they choose SPB?

"Buying a scooter or electric bike is a real investment for our customers. We wanted to reassure them by removing the fear of breakage and theft, not to mention their obligation to take out civil-liability insurance. In order to meet their needs, and also to help us generate income on top of our own sales, SPB analysed, co-designed and came up with an innovative contractual system and a new way of distributing insurance offers. With these specific offers adapted to our needs, we have responded to our customers' needs while remaining focused on our core business. "

Testimony of a new-mobility distributor